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Tsuwano onsen jyuku wataya


Shimada Prefecture Tsukano-gun Tsudano-cho Gota-ro 82-3

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JR Yamaguchi Line, 8 minutes walk from Tsuwano Station. About 40 minutes by car from the direction of Hiroshima (Chugoku Expressway) to Muikaichi IC. 60 minutes from Hagi.
  • When using a car

    Access method 1: Osaka
    By car to National Route 9 Nichihara (for Masuda) Route 187 with Muikaichi to Chugoku Expressway Muikaichi IC 50 minutes, via National Route 187 Route 9

    Access method 2: Tokyo

  • By train

    ●Tsuwano Sakai New Yamaguchi
    It is approximately one hour by Yamaguchi Line "Limited Express Super Oki"
    ※It is approximately two hours by "SL Yamaguchi 5"
    ●Tsuwano through Tsuwano Masuda, About 3 hours
    ●Tsuwano ⇔ Masuda, about a 35-minute Limited Express Super Oki

    ※ Tsuwano Station from Tsuwano Station to the hotel is about 600 meters (weak). Please walk straight on the road in the right direction with the station behind.
    Anno Art Museum on the left in the direction of travel ... hospital… As soon as you cross the pharmacy you will be able to see the building of a 5-story castle in hand. In the spring, a large weeping cherry tree is a landmark, but usually the big carp in the moat next to the entrance welcomes you with a landmark.

    In addition, if Tsuwano's Ekiben ... Kubota rice Kashiwa lunch box is recommended. We are going to bother to go for lunch.
  • Coming by bus

    ★If bus movement in the direction of Tsuwano Yamaguchi, Bocho Bus

    For between Yamaguchi direction ⇔ Tsuwano is less the number of JR, reported comes even customers to be used in combination with a bus.
    Especially between Hagi ⇔ Tsuwano is recommended that if you take the bus (If you use JR, you will be transferred in Masuda)

    For getting on and off, please use the first departure / end Bocho Bus Center. As it is the side of this facility, it is closer than Tsuwano Station (stop)
    ●Tsuwano departure area(Bocho Bus), Time required: 97 minutes (Fare 2,080 yen)

    ★If travel by bus to Tsuwano Masuda area, Iwami Kotsu
    (http:// iwamigroup.jp/)

    As it passes the old way, it takes some time compared with the case of using JR or car.
    Buses are convenient for customers leaving Masuda Station to Iwami Airport and Grand Toit.
    ●Tsuwano to Masuda area, (Iwami Kotsu), Time required: 74 minutes (Fare 860 yen)
    ●Tsuwano departure Tokyo(Shinjuku), (Iwami Kotsu Iwami Express)
     one way, 13,100 yen round trip, 23,800 yen
    ● Tsuwano departure Osaka(Umeda), (Tsuwano Express)
     one way, 9,000 yen round trip, 14,500 yen
    Iwami Kotsu timetable
  • If coming by car ... From Hiroshima / Fukuoka direction

    ●From Hiroshima direction
    Chugoku Expressway Hiroshima-kita IC, Chugoku Expressway, Muikaichi IC(About 48 minutes)~ Tsuwano (About 40 minutes)
    ※ Muikaichi to Tsuwano, it is the easiest route to get out on National Route 9 via Nichihara (Route 187), but without passing National Route 9, you will pass via Kakinoki (Shortcut)
    Now people many to be coming through at the foot of Mt Aono at http://www.iwami.or.jp/kakinoki/map/index.html It is said that hydrangea road ...The hydrangea is beautiful in early summer.
    When it is difficult to understand please ...Please ask.

    ●From Fukuoka direction
    Kyushu Expressway, Fukuoka IC, ... Chugoku Expressway, Ogori IC (about 1 hour 43 minutes) Tsuwano (About 70 minutes)
    ※ Using a high-speed road to Kyushu ⇔ Tsuwano, the most convenient and efficient to be become available Ogori iIC.
    On the map, Kano IC is displayed closest from Tsuwano, but the road width is narrow and it becomes a mountain path between Kano Aizu Tsuwano···
    Ogori IC it does not change in time so much compared with Ogori IC Awazu Tsuwano (National Route 9) ... It is recommended.

    West Nippon Expressway Company
  • If coming by car ... From Yamaguchi Hagi City in the Hagi City

    ●From Yamaguchi city center
    National Route 9 about 60 minutes
    ※ Because there are few traffic lights, it is an hour in the blink of an eye, but there are many sights here and there are rural scenery, carp streamer, scam girl etc ...You can enjoy the original landscape of Japan to make it somewhere nostalgic.
    Sights etc ...I will introduce a bit.
    ★ Kidoyama
    You can enjoy a variety of seasonal scenery while enjoying the drive.Spring → cherry line, summer → fresh green, autumn → autumn leaves, winter → snow scene (it looks like an ink painting)
    ★ Nagato Gorge(http://www.chomonkyo.jp/)
    It is very famous for Maple hunting.The summer valley is also cool and recommended, it is also the shooting spot of SL.
    ★ Tokusha
    Speaking of Tokusha it is like apples (http://www.tokusa-ringo.net/index.html) ...It is famous here.
    Of course not to mention apple pie and apple hunting, especially recommended ... Apple juice that you can drink for 100 yen per cup! ···There is special taste.
    (The signboard of apple juice at the store is a landmark)
    ★ Tokuza's weeping cherry tree(http://www.ato-town.com/bunkazai/shidaresakura/)
    In the season of cherry blossom viewing, it became famous enough to be a bus tour from inside and outside the prefecture.

    ●Than Hagi City in the Hagi City
    Route 315 → Route(Kiwiki Kaido)About 60 minutes
    ※ Because it is a mountain road, it may be confusing to a small number of oncoming vehicles, but the road width is also wide and it is well maintained and it is a very easy road.
    Please note that there are some places where the radio waves of mobile are bad depending on the place.Please finish petrol at Tsuwa or Tsuwano.
    ★ Mutsumi village, Insect kingdom
    ★ Jiyu Kakashi
    Scandals that are wearing various costumes every year from summer to autumn every year are lining up.

  • If coming by car ... Masuda city

    Approximately 40 minutes on National Route 9
    ※ Even when saying national roads, the narrowness of the road width may be Japan's best.Since the sidewalks are narrow and the houses stand side by side, driving becomes cautious.
    The speed limit is 50 km.Those who go from Yamaguchi area to Tsuwano → Masuda are obvious···You will feel that it was narrow by tunnel (Yamaguchi and Shimane prefectural borders).
    By the way the speed limit for the Yamaguchi district is 60 kilometers.
    ★ Grand Toit (http://www.grandtoit.jp/)
    Grand Toit, completed with the Grand Toit of "base for artistic culture in Iwami," rather than the art museum in Iwami, designed by 280,000 Grand Toit Sekishu Gawara (clay tile)···There is a feeling of a world-class museum.
    Performances and exhibitions of prominent artists are held one after another, so no matter where you go, there is no loss, I think that there is enough value to see even if you delay one flight.
  • By airplane

    ●Timetable of Haneda - Hagi Iwami Airport (ANA)

    ●Timetable of Osaka-Osaka Hagi Iwami Airport (ANA)

    ※40 minutes by car from Hagi Iwami Airport
    ※Access from Hagi Iwami Airport

    ●Haneda - Yamaguchi Ube Airport timetable (ANA)
    ●Haneda - Yamaguchi Ube Airport timetable (JAL)
    ※About 2 hours 30 minutes by car from Yamaguchi Ube Airport
    ※Traffic access from Yamaguchi Ube Airport