★Tsuwano only★Natural hot spring inn. Let's have a relaxing holiday with beautiful hot water and food-related dishes !! Wataya in the “Tsuwano Onsenjuku Wataya” hot spring, enjoy the food of Tsuwano, and relax.

【Official】Tsuwano onsen jyuku wataya

Tsuwano the only hot spring inn, Tsuwano Onsenjuku Wataya

Tsuwano the central area of Sanin no Sho Kyoto (small Kyoto in Sannin) and Tsuwano area, the whole hotel is a tatami-mat inn.
Observation Outdoor baths and foot baths, soaking your skin with a bath.
Cooking mainly of wild vegetables and tofu is the seasons and the items that feel the breath of history.

★Wataya of hot spring in Wataya★, ~ To the skin in the sodium type hot spring ~

  • Wataya, hot spring

    Hot Spring Qualities:Sodium chloride·Hydrogen carbonate spring
    Adaptation Zhu: nervousness, muscle pain, arthralgia, frozen shoulder, motor paralysis, joint stiffness, clothes, sparks, chronic fire extinguisher disease, hemorrhoids, coldness, recovery period after recovery, recovery from fatigue, health promotion, galling, burns, chronic skin Disease, weak child, chronic gynecology

    ·We have established an inner bath and an open-air bath for men and women.The observation bath is on the 5th floor, and you can soak in the hot spring while looking down on the city of Tsuwano. In the evening, the stars full of heaven, and Mr. Moon.To a fantastic world.Because it is a sodium based hot spring, it is a feature that makes your skin feel slippery.
     I would be pleased if you feel relaxed and tired and healed at the hotel.


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Tsuwano onsen jyuku wataya


Shimada Prefecture Tsukano-gun Tsudano-cho Gota-ro 82-3

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JR Yamaguchi Line, 8 minutes walk from Tsuwano Station. About 40 minutes by car from the direction of Hiroshima (Chugoku Expressway) to Muikaichi IC. 60 minutes from Hagi.
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★Tsuwano's Autumn★Local cuisine of Tsuwano that you can only taste at this time【Stew】

  • <In Season Now>★Tsuwano local cuisine★"Oomoni", Japan's Three Major Potato Soup

    It is a local dish of Tsuwano, which is said to be one of Japan's Three Major Potato Soup【Stew】
    When it comes to autumn and you can taste Tsuwano, it is boiled in soy sauce. It was brought up by volcanic ash to soup broiled snapper
    The tasty taro is used.Also, as an accent, this is also a special product of Tsuwano
    We are using leather of yuzu.It is a very simple dish, but a good soup of the sea bream
    Match with taro.Also, excellent compatibility with Tsuwano's sake! Please eat it happily.

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